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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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it and assure he never subbed at the school again. >> at least within the last year, the school system. the police department and my office are working collaboratively to try to make sure that what happened in this case does not occur again. >> reporter: charging documents reveal there were four separate victims. all middle schoolgirls. he also pleaded guilty to a 2014 case at roberto clemente middle school in which he repeatedly squeezed the right buttocks of a 12-year-old student while in the classroom. he is from honduras and the married father of three. in addition to his jail sentence, he may also face deportation. and a montgomery county public schools spokesman tells us any staff member who suspects abuse or neglect must report it to the proper authorities and school principals are there to ensure that a report is made. reporting live from rockville, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> thank you. and he will be sentenced at 10:00 a.m. on friday, may 9th.
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at -- 29th. not going to serve more than five years in prison. how that escaped prisoner changed out of his hospital gown on tuesday? got some food and maybe even some liquor. he allegedly broke into the vacant morgan family home. bruce leshan is live in annandale where that was one of the key questions yesterday a lot of people had. >> reporter: well, that's right lesli. woodsen allegedly drove the car up the road before realizing it was a dead end. he stopped and broke into the house here allegedly in search of some way to get out of the hospital gown that he had escaped in. >> friends. we are friends right? >> reporter: not much gets past bailey the bulldog. certainly not an escaped federal prisoner. >> just barking barking and which she never does and this is about 8:00 a.m. [ sirens ] >> reporter: hundreds of heavily armed cops were out
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searching for accused bank robber after he somehow managed to overpower a private security guard on tuesday. at a nova -- inova fairfax hospital. bailey knew just where he was. >> she tried to drag me across to the house. >> reporter: francesca morgan didn't want us to show her face. >> usually i go over there thinking it might be a deer or animal and maybe just shoot it away but i decided not to go. >> reporter: he had allegedly driven his carjacked toyota into morgan son's vacant garage to try and repair a flat. >> he ripped off the french door handles and ripped it open. so he went in the house went throughout the whole house. opened every single cabinet. found clothes upstairs. left his hospital gown and put on the clothes. ate some food because there was some boxed food there in the pantry. and he also found some sambuca.
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>> reporter: the cops swarmed in moments later but assaye had already taken off. good thing he didn't come next door. >> lucky because i think willing the -- >> the dog would have got him. >> yeah. >> they would have taken your picture. >> reporter: look at bailey what a dog. now there are still plenty of questions tonight about why the u.s. marshal left the accusedarmed robber in the rustdy of a couple of private -- custody of a couple of private security guards at the hospital. but the u.s. marshal is declining to answer those questions at this point. citing an ongoing fbi investigation. reporting live in annandale, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> bruce thank you. the marshal service is also declining to discuss whether the guards who let this guy get way are facing any discipline or any retaining. breaking news right now. a federal grand jury has indicted new jersey senator bob
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menendez on corruption charges. investigators say menendez took trips on a florida eye doctor's plane without paying there are them and prosecutors allege the democrat intervened on the doctor's behalf in a medical billing dispute. he said he's done nothing wrong and he's been friends with that doctor for years. four adults and two children are out of the home tonight after a house fire in prince george's county. and sky 9 flew over what's left of that home a short time ago. the fire broke out this afternoon onlinen road in clinton. the flames were so intense, firefighters were forced to get out of the home and battle the blaze from the outside. nobody was hurt. and the cause is still under investigation. a crash involving a metrobus and a large truck sent ten people to the hospital for some minor injuries. this all happened at new hampshire avenue and tracy drive in silver spring. traffic lanes were closed for a while. this accident also under
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investigation. a proposed controversial ten mile parkway connecting prince william county, dulles airport and loudoun county is effectively dead. says virginia lawmakers. but it might not be quite dead just yet. surae chinn reports from manassas. >> reporter: farmlands and the manassas battlefield park would be impacted. homes destroyed because of the proposed parkway. but lawmakers in the commonwealth say residents have scored a huge victory because the highway won't be built. >> your homes, your neighborhoods, in this church, will continue to exist and thrive with certainty. >> reporter: that's the relief to homeowners lynn and kristin moore who live on sanders lane near the manassas battlefield. >> we worked our butts off all our life. why take it? >> reporter: residents and lawmakers have been fighting for years against a road they say is bad for the area. >> it was ruining the royal crescent and to give up federal land as well.
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and -- which will impact the battled field and our way of life here. that's why we moved here and we love it here. >> reporter: that may be a premature celebration virginia department of transportation says. a law passed last year puts the project on hold as they figure out what transportation projects are eligible and what takes priority in the state. so vdot says it's not necessarily dead, they just don't know. >> we really have got to drive this stake in the vampire's heart. >> reporter: but still, lawmakers here are certain as long as they convince enough prince william county board members to vote their way the roadblock is indefinite. >> we're hoping this is the last and final battle of manassas. >> reporter: local lawmakers say if the counties don't want it the project most likely won't go through because of funding dollars but they still need a solution they say with all the congestion. and it starts with improvements to route 28. in manassas, surae chinn, wusa9. >> the roughly half a billion
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dollar bicounty parkway project will be brought up at next tuesday's board of supervisors meeting. the board members are split on the issue. isis has named a local lawmakers as an enemy in a magazine published by the terror group. virginia state senator richard black represents a portion of the counties. we spoke with him by phone about it. >> i believe that it's absolutely crucial that we stop training rebels to topple the syrian government. because if we topple syria, within weeks, jordan and lebanon will fall to isis. and create a power center for historic drive against europe. >> and the senator goes on to say he feels solidarity with all the people isis is currently targeting and virginia capital police informed black about enemy status on monday. a d.c. police officer was honored today for his bravery during the 2013 navy yard
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shooting. officer dorian desantis received a congressional badge of bravery in baltimore this morning. he fired at shooter aaron elect sis. the officer was hit as well. and like any good hero, desantis was quick to spread the accolades. >> the first responders that were on the street and my contact team that i was set up with, with two very common guys carl hyatt and andrew waum. you know it's a team effort all the way through. it can't be done by one guy. it truly was embraced the whole team concept. >> d.c. police chief cathy lanier and other you a lakers -- law makers were on hand for the ceremony today. uva announces a new policy to improve the way sexual assaults are handled on campus. debra alfarone writtens us that story coming -- brings us that story coming up at 5:30. >> plus a driverless car completes a cross country trek
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but coming up, why this push for hands free driving is hitting the speed bump. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. just light jacket weather out here on the weather terrace. as high temperatures were only in the upper 50s to around 60. for most of us. but a big surge in temperatures is coming up in the first alert seven day forecast. >> a maryland politician reveals his deepest darkest, most personal secret at a public hearing. i'm scott broom. in annapolis, coming up. what charles county dele
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it is one politician's darkest secret. tonight, the shocking courageous way he chose to break his lifelong silence.
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ct wilson a maryland state delegate from the waldorf area and a short time ago, he sat down with scott broom in annapolis to talk about what he's done. scott? >> reporter: well, people here in annapolis fellow legislators are still picking up their jaws after what happened in front of this committee back on march 18th. this was supposed to be routine testimony about a child abuse, sexual assault reform bill. instead, ct wilson shocked everyone by telling the secret of what happened to him when he was a little boy. >> i want to really really want to be here. >> reporter: delegate wilson -- uncomfortable. anxious. >> from the age of about 9 to 15. i went from what was a difficult life to a downright hell. >> reporter: and then as seen on this youtube video, he said it. >> after the physical abuse will come the sexual abuse. for the slightest mistake. i can't sit here and describe to you the pain of being betten and molested for years and
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there's no amount of counseling or talking that's going to bring me back to normal. i know that. i could have gone the rest of my life without talking about this. >> reporter: in his office today, wilson said he did it to lead the way for others who are hesitating to testify. for a bill to allow victims of child sex abuse to sue decades later. >> right now after the age after 25. no matter what happened to you as a kid. too bad. please don't continue to protect the mobsters like the ones that created this monster. sr. a lot of what happened to wilson as a kid was well-known. >> reporter: a discard of a dysfunctional family. the orphanages and foster homes and adoption at age 9. he put it in a book, but not the part about rape. and not all the damage. >> i don't sleep. i sleep two, three hours night if i'm lucky. because my mind doesn't want to go there because it relaxes and then the walls come down and the shields come down and i'm left with just me and i can't do that. >> reporter: his abuser died in
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199 and wilson became a combat veteran. a prosecutor. a politician. and a father. >> i would like my legacy to be something someone this. that's why i've kind of avoided a lot of it but if i can tell people they're not alone that's the big thing about suffering that. is you're always alone and you never knowing that the people you want to help you usually are the ones hurting you and others don't believe you. so if i could just let others know they're not alone in the pain and suffering maybe it's worth it. >> reporter: the bill by the way is most notably opposed by the catholic church. it has given little chance of even getting out of the committee and passing. but it seems to everyone here that ct wilson has had a much greater impact outside the committee room regardless of the outcome. reporting live in annapolis, scott broom, wusa9. >> oh what a brave thing he did and to see all of his testimony and more of his remarkable interview today, you can find links on our website and our
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app. wusa9. the rigorous debate continues over indiana's religious freedom law but virginia and many other states as well as the federal government have a similar law on the books. stephanie ramirez joins us now live from the newsroom and how is virginia's law different from indiana's? >> reporter: that's the exact question i posed to a virginia professor who works at george mason university. and he says the difference is in the wording. virginia's religious freedom restoration act zizania man shall be compelled to frequent -- says no man shall be compelled to frequent worship in its wording. indiana's protects a government entity from substantially burdening a person's exercise of religion. >> free exercise of religion is almost like a card that says get out of jail free. you may discriminate if you can base it on the religion that you practice. >> reporter: and professor frank sharprock says there's no
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such corporations in virginia's or the federal law that sparked so many on the state level. >> i think it's dangerous because it puts into the right -- into the hands of private parties the ability backed by the state to specifically discriminate against certain americans. >> reporter: all kinds of dirt americans sounding off today saying it doesn't just affect the lgbt community. >> it's any group of people. if you threaten one you threaten them all. >> what the somebody somebody doesn't like short women and you know their religion says ooh women should be in the kitchen you know. you get the idea. religion can cite anything. >> as an american, i'm offended. as an indiana resident i would be offended. >> reporter: while indiana now tries to clarify this, he says from his perspective -- >> it's creating lots of discussions. and i think that discussion is going to end up being positive. at least i hope it is. >> reporter: now this doesn't mean virginia's hands are entirely clean. he says virginia's house of delegates defeated the
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governor's efforts to add antidiscrimination language into a bill legalized uber and lyft. back to you guys in the studio there. >> all right, stephanie thank you. and governor mcauliffe issued an open letter to indiana businesses saying that virginia is a business friendly state. that does not discriminate against our friends and neighbors. meanwhile, a handful of lawmakers are taking their own action to openly gay maryland state senator richard maryland lee know asked the governor to ban state funded travel to indiana. abuser already banned -- bowser already banned city business travel that's official to the state. as it's worded right now. governor hutchinson reversed the original decision to sign the bill after intense political pressure including opposition from arkansas based wal-mart. in indiana, lawmakers are working long hours to add language to the state's newly approved freedom law following some criticism.
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and we are all saying hello april. >> i know. >> good to see you. >> that's right. >> spring you know we had a couple of mild days here and there but this is consistent warmth. thank goodness. today felt cool compared to yesterday but we got up into the 60s. so it was still a pleasant afternoon. tomorrow the temperatures are going to surge again into the 70s. let's take a look outside with the michael & son weather cam. the beautiful afternoon out there. right now, 61 degrees also our high temperature as i mentioned before. winds out of the north- northwest though are a little bit gusty. right now sustained at 16 and gusting to 23 miles per hour. so nice dry atmosphere though and that dry weather is going to stick with us until tomorrow night. so mild air returning on thursday. we're going to see those temperatures rising well above our seasonal average. we should get up to 62 this time of year. but it is going to be awfully breezy and see rain crease in clouds -- an increase in clouds during the day as the storm system arrives and still lots of sunshine early but then
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becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. by thursday night, some showers arriving and just very light scattered showers friday is the active day. that's the day where we're going to see widespread showers and maybe even a few thunderstorms. on satellite and radar you can see how this crystal clear it is right now. just a few of those little high weather cumulus clouds have developed in the afternoon. those are going to go by the wayside tonight. on the 9 futurecast nothing going on at midnight tonight we're going to see that milder air start to move toward us. as we head through the day on thursday. along with that it will be awfully breezy. the winds gusting in excess of 20 miles per hour. you can see the showers approaching but we are still ly dry through the early part of thursday night. early friday morning, showers falling though and they could affect the morning commute. that warm air stays in place on friday though and it's going to be a mild good friday. as we head into the afternoon hours, another line of showers potentially some thunderstorms as the cold front moves through. thunderstorms are likely on friday afternoon and early evening and then that cooler
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air starts to move in on saturday. still going to be pleasant though. overnight tonight mostly clear to partly cloudy. 36 to 45. wind out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. but the breezes pick up very quickly tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 40s into the 50s. won't take long to get there. with those breezes out of the south ott 10 to 20 miles per hour -- at 10 to 20 miles per hour. in the afternoon look for a high between 65 and 74 degrees under a partly cloudy sky. the winds will be gusting in excess of 20, maybe even 25 miles per hour. friday is a yellow alert day. we have showers and possibly thunderstorms as well. with the high of 72. after lingering early shower on saturday, it will turn cooler and it will still be fairly pleasant with a high of 58 degrees. easter sunday looks good in the first alert seven day forecast. lots of sunshine and a high of 63-degrees. maybe an isolated shower on monday. but the next real wet day looks to be tuesday after this wet good friday that we have on tap. thank you erica. a driverless car recently completed a cross-country trip.
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>> got to feel kind of weird. >> don't you think? >> i think so. delphi automotive's suv arrived in the new york city area after a 3500-mile journey that started in san francisco. and for part of the trip, the car was driving itself. flush flush the vehicle uses gps sensors and cameras to steer through traffic and brake on its own. cnet's wayne cunningham took a ride in the car. >> reporter: when i saw other cars around it it slowed down. it was following the lane lines too. >> most states have not passed legislation that would allow these self-driving cars onto the roads. and as a result, the delphi suv could only drive hands free in certain states. and there are also questions about insurance coverage in case of a self-driving accident. who is fault is it? those issues will have to be addressed before the cars hit the open road in any great number. >> you can say it's the car's fault. that's scary. wow. all right a baby books an expensive rental vehicle on a
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popular travel website. so will the parents be on the hook? >> plus, an important recall that parents need to know about and a new device to track your family pet the next time you fly. i'll till you all about that -- tell you all about of th
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this tonight's consumer alert, stocks continue their downward spiral on wall street. the dow fell nearly 78 points. the nasdaq dropped by 20. the consumer product safety commission is recalling about 200,000 custom made window shades sold exclusively by blinds to go. and we told you about the problems with these shades and the cords. the problem here is the chain on the cord loop on that window covering can come apart and cause a child to strangle. and the cpsc wants you to contact the company or even go into the local showroom for a free kit and replacement part. it is so important to be careful with kids and blinds. there is more on the blinds to go recall. just go to our wusa9 app for more details. this is not an april fools prank. starting today, delta airlines will offer a gps device so that passengers can keep track of
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their pets during flights. the device is placed in the animal's crate. it monitors the location, the temperature and whether your pet is sitting up right. it will cost you for this peace of minds though. about $50 a flight. the once privately held go daddy is going public. the internet web host asking domain register will now trade on the new york stock exchange under the ticker gddy. the company known for its controversial commercials has been working to turn around its image and attract more small businesses. a sudden change of heart from priceline. the travel website was refusing to refund money to a minneapolis couple. their 8-month-old son little cutie here completed the reservation his mom started. renting an expensive van for the family's trip to hawaii. well, despite the obvious mistake customer service consistently said no to mom and dad and said he shouldn't have been on the computer there. but after negative publicity they said they will now a one
5:27 pm
time only exception to its policy of no refunds. >> at least they know they don't need travel agents right? the kids can do it. all right, straight ahead, why aren't airline execs answering key questions about the copilot's mental history? the latest on to dead lay -- that deadly plane crash investigation is coming up. >> and caught on camera, a police officer tears into an uber driver, what the officer said and how investigators are responding coming up. and uva comes up with new policy to
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the university of virginia has released the brand new policy on how sex assault cases are going to be handled but not actually in response to that recent sensational "rolling stone" article. parentally sparked by a student who said the college bunged the investigation into her 2011 assault losing some crucial evidence. >> debra alfarone has been covering this story and joins us live from the newsroom with what this means, what does it mean deb? >> reporter: well, jan and lesli, the bungling of the evidence is really considered a title ix violation and right now 106 schools including many here are in violation of the federal antiantidiscrimination law. many say it's making the students less safe and that's just unacceptable. >> uva is just getting up to speed now. >> your thoughts on that. >> it's beyond disappointing. >> reporter: laura dunn fights for students rights and also a
5:31 pm
campus sexual assault survivor. she says despite some applauding uva for acting, they're actually way late to the party. >> title ix is from the 1970s and there's been guidance up to 2011 most recently even in 2014 reminding people what the policies are regarding sex assaults on campus. >> reporter: some highlights are complaints will now be examed by the -- examined by the university's full-time investigator. and students will be allowed to have an adviser of their choice at disciplinary hearings. uva is one of 100 schools with open title ix violations. and in a world where the national institute of justice estimates one out of five women will experience rape during college, it can paint a grim picture for female students when it comes to reporting a sexual assault on campus or to police. >> the standards in virginia for criminal sexual violence are quite high and there can be sexual assaults there's not
5:32 pm
enough evidence. it doesn't mean it didn't happen and they shouldn't have to see that student every day on campus and that's why there's several lawsuits and that's why there's campus proceedings, there's other ways to get justice not criminal or nothing. >> reporter: still needs to be reviewed by the u.s. department of education and other bruce. and the school says it also expects other revisions in the coming months. jan? >> all right, deb thing, for a list of the schools with these outstanding title ix violations, you can go to our app. lesli? german airline execs are not answering any questions tonight about the medical history of the copilot who intentionally crashed a plane and the french alps. we've talked to -- lufthansa airlines admits it knew six years abilities you a -- about lubitz's episode of severe depression but they aren't saying much else. investigators say it could take several more months to retrieve all the wreckage. and some media outlets have claimed to have seen cell phone video shot by a passenger which reportedly shows a chaotic
5:33 pm
scene inside th before the crash. investigators are asking anyone with that video to hand it over to authorities. this year negotiations with iran may continue for the next couple of days. that's according to the uk's chief negotiator. some sticking points remain and one issue how nuclear fuel that should iran -- how much should iran be allowed to produce in the future. plus, the u.s. is trying to figure out how to make sure that fuel is used for peaceful purposes only. and finally, negotiators need to determine when the economic sanctions against iran are lifted. president obama says the u.s. is prepared to walk away from these talks if iran is not willing to budge. and nypd detective who got hot under the collar after an uber driver honked at him is under fire tonight. the cop who pulled the driver over is accused of cursing out the cabbie as anna warner reports it was captured on the
5:34 pm
passenger's cell phone. >> you unsupple? >> yes i understand you. >> okay. so stop it with your mouth. and with your for what sir, for what sir. stop it with that bull [ bleep ] >> reporter: new york police detective patrick cherry assigned to the fbi's joint terrorism that ising fork lash -- task force lashed out monday afternoon. >> do you understand me? i don't know what planet you think you're only right now. >> i'm here. >> planning? i said planet. >> i'm not going -- >> [ bleep ] -- >> reporter: the uber driver tried to explain why he honked his horn at him. >> i just say -- >> i don't care what you have to say. >> okay. >> do you understand that? how long have you been in this country? >> almost three years. >> almost how long? >> two years. >> two years. i got news for you. and use this lesson. remember this in the future. don't ever do that again. >> reporter: in a statement to "cbs this morning," the nypd said in part -- we referred the matter to the nypd internal affairs and noted that the detective was on duty at the time of the incident. new york city mayor bill de
5:35 pm
blasio. >> there's just no place for any public servant to use discriminatory ourangtive language. >> reporter: uber says the detectives' behavior in the video is wrong and unacceptable. and said we are in touch with our driver partner who was subjected to this terrible experience and will continue to provide any support he needs. >> this is not important enough for me. you are not important enough. don't ever do that again. >> reporter: the ok the video tweeted that he planned to testify at the civilian complaint review board meeting wednesday to help jump- start the independent investigation. anna warner, cbs news, new york. >> the cbs news did attempt to locate the detective and to contact his union for comment. but we're not able to reach either. hundreds gathered today to mourn and remember 5-year-old noah thomas, funeral services were held this morning at the dublin united methodist church. investigators recovered his body from a septic tank near his home thursday. following a five day intensive
5:36 pm
search. and clearly he moved many in the law enforcement community. so many of them showed up to say good-bye. kit cummings is with the virginia law enforcement assistance program. >> for many of them. they've not had a chance to slow down. they've not had a chance to consider what's gone on and what their role in it was. >> the medical examiner's report on how noah died is expected to be released this week. no one has been charged in his death. a man suspected in a death of a 1-year-old maryland boy found inside a backpack in a central ohio creek has been arraigned on murder and other charges. 24-year-old kirk flood of columbus was arraigned today and prosecutors say he apparently believed the boy cameron bedford has demons and beat the toddler to get rid of them. the toddler's mom agreed to -- mom agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. police say a sleeping couple and their unborn child are dead after a sport utility vehicle slammed into their home
5:37 pm
in florida. this suv was heading north on the highway early wednesday when it lost control. crossed the median and crashed through the fence at the lone oak mobile home park in palmetto which is south of st. petersburg. two people who were sleeping inside the home were killed immediately. police say the woman was in advanced stages of pregnancy and her unborn child also died. >> a big noise and it shook the whole trailer, like 3:00 in the morning right now -- and i seen the whole room gone. i see the bed over there. i went to go check it and just both laying there dead. because it's hard like -- they called the wrecker hit the bed. it hit them. when the car came in it didn't try to stop because there's no tire marks or nothing. >> devastating. the driver of the suv 35-year- old christian crawford of braidenton was taken to the area hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. it's not clear yet what charges he will face. california governor jerry brown has ordered state officials to impose mandatory
5:38 pm
water restrictions for the first time in history as the state grapples with its serious drought. the governor ordered cities and towns cut usage by 25%. brown says the historic drought demand unprecedented action and the order also will require campuses, golf courses, cemeteries and other large landscapes to significantly cut water use and ban watering of grass on public street medians. streetcars will open on h. street. that's the promise of click of columbia mayor -- district of columbia mayor pure yell bowser, she made it in the first state of the district address. she took office in january and her transportation chief had suggested the costly streetcar line along h. street northeast may never open. bowser also promised that every city police officer with body cameras and work to provide free rides on the metro subway system for city school children. coming up at 6:00, hear what happened as the mother of a student allegedly attacked by a former middle school principal testified in court today. >> still to come at 5:30, is
5:39 pm
the southeast shoot for real is it an april fools prank? we'll show you the latest way that could help you snap that perfect selfie shot. >> if you're flexible enough i suppose. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. no need for the jacket anymore. the breezes have settled down and it's going to get kind of chilly tonight but then a big surge in temperatures coming up in the first alert seven day forecast. back to the 70s on thursday.
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so this is just like -- the craziest story because it's trending that let me just tell. >> a shoefie. >> a shoefie instead of a selfie. >> alrhaps a few years back we would have said -- >> can you the that? >> it was an april fools prank and no way this was real. but today the era of selfie sticks okay -- you can't be too sure right? a video of the release of the selfie shoes by a company called mid moves. that sounds real. it went viral today. the video tells you to play -- >> those are cute shoes, wait. >> you place your phone in the docking port of the shoe's toe and you raise your leg. to get that perfect angle. really? and then you use your toe to
5:43 pm
click the internal button to get your shoefie. >> no way. first of all that's just way too much work to get a picture. it's not happening. >> immean you'd have to be really flexible. >> by the way this is a prank. this is a prank. and some people -- >> i don't know. >> have been posting it today. >> i don't know. >> making it sounds like it was real. >> we're kidding but let me tell you that story is just -- you use your big toe to take the picture? >> what the heck? i mean come on folks. give me a break. mid moves -- miss moves is the company. okay. all right. all right but we just -- tonight, comedy central is -- >> crazy story. >> they're standing by trevor samoa. he is the -- noah. he is going to replace jon stewart at "the daily show." >> a lot of controversy about him and some people say some of his controversy is because a lot of people don't know what kind of -- he's been under fire for some of his tweets from the past and some say the tweets have been sexist and antisemitic but comedy central says listen it's not fair to judge him on his comedy on just a handful of jokes.
5:44 pm
and variety coed tour in chief -- coeditor in chief says the scrutiny is a function of not a lot of people really knowing noah. >> all right, he's going to be performing some standup here in our area. at the arlington draft house next thursday through sunday. >> all right. all right jan we talked about this video at my desk. super super cute. and you don't know -- you don't know whether you buy that this is real video. but this is an ultrasound that's going viral. and i keep trying to get you to do it next time you go in. >> let's listen. >> right, so -- that's the baby. apparently hearing mom and dad -- the baby is clapping. >> totally unbelievable to me but you tell me if you believe it folks. it might be real. i don't know i just -- i don't know. >> this mom to be uploaded this clip to youtube. the baby was 14 weeks old at the time. you see the baby clapping his
5:45 pm
or her little hands and then at the doctor's suggestion, the parents took video of the ultrasound with mom singing the you're happy and you know it. this video whetherrable it or not has rack -- you believe it or not has racked up four million views so far. >> it's the cutest video. >> next time clap and then we'll see. >> sing a song? not going to say stomp your feet. >> that would be your -- blah -- bladder. >> all right jan. one virginia teenager making all right moves, coming up we're going to introduce you to a 13-year-old making history in the world of competitive chess. >> i'm andrea roane. coming up in today's health alert, a life-saving fda approved device. i'll tell you what
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5:48 pm
we have breaking news on the murder at the donovan hotel. d.c. police have confirmed they've made an arrest in the case but they aren't telling us much else. david mezzersmith was found stabbed to death inside the donovan hotel on 14th street more than a month ago. police have been circulating this surveillance video of the person of interest in the crime on february 10th. again the news here is police have made an arrest in the case. we're going to stay on this and bring you more on wusa9 news at
5:49 pm
6:00. in today's health alert a new life-saving stroke device was given to the patient for the first time in the u.s.. as andrea roane shows us it can lower the chances for stroke for a patient with an irregular heart rhythm. >> reporter: 80-year-old margaret is minutes away from getting a new device to lower her risk of stroke. she has atrial fibrillation which can throw the heart out of rhythm. her doctor recommended she try a new fd called the watchman. surgeons at mount sinai hospital implanted the parachute shaped device through a vein in her leg. closing off an area of the heart where blood clots form. >> any clots that would form there can't travel to the brain and cause a stroke. >> reporter: only minimally invase it and takes about 45 minutes. patients usually take blood thinners to prevent clots but they come with their own problems like bleeding. >> when they risk for falling and of course they can hurt themselves particularly badly if they don't have blood thinner. >> reporter: the watchman is
5:50 pm
very effective so margaret can stop taking blood thinners and that's a relief for her son. >> hopefully this will be the last procedure she will have to go through and no drugs anymore. >> reporter: andrea roane, wusa9. >> now patients with fibrillation are at a five time greater risk for having a stroke. and here in the first alert weather center weather going to be tracking the increase of the breezes on the michael & son weather cam. beautiful out this right now. it's 61 degrees. but winds are out of the north- northwest at 16 miles per hour. gusting to 23. those winds are going to relax a little bit tonight but then increase very quickly tomorrow morning. so this is what you've got out there tonight. mostly clear to partly cloudy skies and 36 to 45. winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow morning, winds will increase to 10 to 20 miles per hour with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. by the afternoon, high temperatures 65 to 74 degrees. it's going to be warm but look at these winds out of the south
5:51 pm
at 15 to 25 miles per hour. and in the first alert seven day forecast. rain and thunderstorms still warm though on good friday. so if any of you are like me, you may have very little clue of how to play the game of chess. i really don't know anything. but it is around the world a big deal and here in the u.s. as well. one teenager in ashburn, virginia has only been playing for six years. yet cease making all the right moves changing the face of competitive chess. >> a lot of it is just repetition. there are some memorizing and sort of positions. >> jennifer yu is a straight a. student and has the hobbies of a typical 13-year-old. >> i like to play some sports. draw. you know, listen to music. >> but her smarts go way beyond the classroom. jennifer has a talent that makes her unique.
5:52 pm
after being introduced to the game of chess at 7 years old she was immediately hooked. >> at first, because i like the prizes because you get chess pieces but then it sort of like -- it just started getting fun sort of. if you find a good move. >> and she is still winning her fair share of prizes. just check out the trophy room. her most recent one? a gold medal from the world championship in south africa. >> i usually perform better under pressure. [ applause ] >> jennifer went undefeated becoming the first american girl to win a world title in 27 years. >> i've been making gold seats for myself and putting them on the wall. >> chess is still a largely male dominated world but jennifer is breaking through. >> you feel very proud. were proud of her achievements but yeah, it's proud of her mental toughness. she actually learned a lot benefiting a lot. >> this week, jennifer's
5:53 pm
petting in the -- competing in the u.s. chess championship in st. louis. she has been practicing four to five hours a day to prepare. so i asked jennifer to teach me a few things. you know. just to make sure she's ready. >> i don't know what i'm doing but i'll try. c 4? >> pick a move for me. >> now you got to -- what move should i snake. >> what are you doing with your pieces? [ inaudible ] >> right now i'm not in a very good spot. >> not protected if you go there. >> you're pretending i know what i'm looking at but i have no idea. >> right now i'm attacking your bishop. >> takes me a while and i'll fick it out. -- figure it out. i want to just make a move. >> just me. >> she just killed me on the board. how long does that take her to do? what like a minute? >> not very long at all. at one point she was like take my pawn or whatever and i jumped it and she goes that's checkers. >> earlier you start the better
5:54 pm
you'll be at chess. >> she said i mean it's taught her so much again just working under pressure. and you know, as her dad says the mental toughness a lot of things she's taken to school. she has straight as and still practicing four to five hours a week and a national master. and also the fifth ranked female player 14 and under in the u.s.. first ranked in the u.s., fifth in the world. >> that's incredible commitment. >> really real impressive. coming up though we're going to turn the attention toping day. the nationals would be -- to opening day. the nationals could be without two key starters. lesli? thanks. at 6:00, coming up pop up homes in d.c. have pitted long time homeowners against residents and new developers. next see what d.c. officials are going to step in. >> but first rangers are going upscale and even been called country club. it's a national trend that's grow in
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
gun clubs are going upscale giving customers a level obviously style and sophistication more befitting of the country's exclusive establishments. >> chip reid was in manassas, virginia. >> it was all intended to appeal to a diverse group of shooters. >> reporter: elite shooting sports is 65,000 square feet of bright lights, polished wood, flat screen tvs, and state-of- the-art equipment. [ sound of gunfire ] designed, owned and operated by longtime nge consultant greg wodack. what is it that sets this place apart from old-fashioned gun
5:58 pm
ranges? >> the customer service aspect really sets us apart from other facilities not just about shooting. >> reporter: about people feeling welcome when they come here. >> absolutely. >> reporter: gone are the dark dreary firing ranges of old. a new breed of ranges is rivalling america's most exclusive country clubs. perks include free wi-fi. cigar room and upscale shopping, vip member lounges, gourmet restaurants, and lots and lots of leather. chairs that is. welcome to the guntry club. you like that expression? >> i'm not fond of that -- expression even though it's a nice facility. we're open to all different walks of life. and we are very affordable. >> reporter: country club is kind overlightist. you don't want to be that way. >> we don't want to be elitist. >> >> i come here and they're so
5:59 pm
welcoming, i can come while my kids are at school and on a date with my husband. >> reporter: one thing you won't find here besides the wall sized replica of the second amendment is politics. >> we're just very middle of the road. our job is to provide a safe and inviting environment to shoot in. >> and that was chip reid reporting. elite shooting sports appears to be growing in popularity. it's gained more than 17,000 members in just six months. and thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. . this is where the battle for d.c. housing is now taking place, developers are building up and building out. they're putting four families in a space that at one time had been occupied by a single family. and the people who've been here for years don't like it one bit. a group of jurists just finished hearing testimony from a 14-year-old who says his former principal repeatedly touched him. i'll have that story in just a minute. what a middle school principal allegedly told a
6:00 pm
victim of abuse not to do. i'm andrea mccarren in rockville. i'll have a report coming up. but first up we have breaking news out of washington, d.c.. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> and i'm lesli foster. d.c. place made anry -- police an arrest in the -- made an arrest in the murder of 30-year- old david messerschmitt. deb? >> reporter: lesli just into the newsroom as you said just learned d.c. police making an arrest in the puzzling murder of 30-year-old capital hill attorney david messerschmitt. he was found dead in room 400 of the upscale donovan hotel about a month ago. and his wife had reported him missing a day before. now police had asked us to put on the air and for people to watch surveillance video taken from the hotel of a woman. a woman who they say was a person of interest. at this point they weren't saying if that woman is the


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